Company Background

Spunfab Thermoplastic Adhesive WebsSpunfab makes thermoplastic adhesive webs using our own proprietary nonwoven process technology to make adhesive webs that are 100-percent solids and do not contain solvents.

Spunfab, Ltd. evolved into a manufacturing company from a polymer engineering, research and consulting firm over 30 years ago near Akron, Ohio – “the Polymer Valley”. Herbert Keuchel and his son, Kenneth Keuchel, saw the need for nonwoven adhesive fabric products and began developing their ideas into unique processes.

Our Locations

Today, Spunfab, Ltd., is a leading producer of adhesive webs for bonding and laminating materials. We manufacture our products at two locations: in the United States and Europe.

Our Certifications

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 with Design USA, IATF 16949:2016 in Europe.

Our Green Commitment

At Spunfab, Ltd., we remain committed to our environment. We do not produce adhesive webs that involve harmful solvents.

Environmental responsibility provides long-term benefits for our customers, as well as, the communities in which we all live.

Our Quality Policy

Spunfab, Ltd. is committed to the development, manufacture, and on-time delivery of its dry adhesive systems ensuring that our product meets all customer and regulatory requirements.

Spunfab, Ltd. is dedicated to ensuring that all personnel receive the proper education and training necessary to produce the specified quality products, at the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Spunfab, Ltd recognizes that continual improvement is necessary for customer satisfaction.