Industries Served

Spunfab® Adhesive Webs have been used successfully in applications, ranging from clothing and intimate apparel to armored protective covers. Our adhesive webs have also been used in medical applications, carpets, construction materials, technical textiles and more. The examples shown are only a small representation of how Spunfab® can work in virtually any application requiring a thermal adhesive. Our products are clean and easy-to-handle and we have the ability to pre-qualify formulations for your application. The resulting pre-measured formulations can be applied with no mess, no mixing and no solvents.


Due to Spunfab®’s open web structure, acoustical substrates are able perform at their maximum levels.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Acoustics


As a world-wide supplier to the automotive industry, many of Spunfab®’s formulations are designed to meet the needs of this diverse, global industry.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Automative


Many of Spunfab®’s Adhesive Webs are specifically designed for apparel applications. Performance property requirements include resistance to detergents, dry cleaning solvents, and softness of hand, making Spunfab® an optimum choice for apparel.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Apparel


Spunfab® has the experience to meet the stringent needs of the aerospace industry. We are continuously developing new adhesive web solutions to meet the industry’s ever-evolving requirements.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Aerospace


The open web structure of Spunfab® Adhesives are available in very light basis weights which can help maximize the performance properties of your filtration media.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Filtration

Furniture and Industrial Textiles

Broad selection and diversity of formulations allow Spunfab® Adhesive Webs to be used in virtually any industrial textile and furnishings application.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Furniture and Industrial Textiles

Sporting Goods

Spunfab® offers a variety of adhesives that can be applied to a full range of sporting good applications. Our web is often integrated into a matrix that often enhances performance, i.e., adding toughness to a structural product or maintaining breathability in a wearable product.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Sporting Goods


Spunfab® Adhesive Webs support a number of unique applications for the healthcare industry. We offer material stabilization, direct skin contact, sterilization, breathable and disposable applications to name a few. Our adhesive webs can be engineered to meet your specific needs, and can augment the functionality of your application.
Hot-Melt Adhesives for Healthcare