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Spunfab Adhesive Webs

Spunfab Adhesive Webs are nonwoven webs made of 100% thermoplastic adhesive polymer resins. Spunfab products offer distinct advantages over competitive products and other adhesive systems. We offer the advantage of a unique, proprietary manufacturing process, which is based upon our origin as a polymer research and development company with over 30 years experience in polymer adhesives. Our distinctive web structure yields unparalleled consistency over area, excellent breathability with control of porosity, and superior drape and feel.

Innovative Adhesive Solutions

Spunfab is a specialty product sometimes referred to as an adhesive web. Supplied in a unique nonwoven form, Spunfab adhesive webs are used by manufacturers to effectively bond, laminate, and coat a variety of materials. Different from traditional adhesive systems, Spunfab webs provide process and performance advantages to manufacturers and greater added value to the end markets they serve.

Spunfab webs bond materials such as textiles, nonwovens, leather, foams, wood, films, metals, glass, carpet, and plastics. The proprietary technology that produces Spunfab adhesives is the latest innovation in a 30 year tradition of engineering achievement. Read more about Spunfab.